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Our journey began when our founder started struggling with Adult Acne especially around her chin & cheeks area, leaving really dark spots on her once clear skin. She spent a lot of her time and resources researching and trying out numerous products but unfortunately the spots got worse and she went on to develop an uneven, pigmented skin tone as a result. ARALUXE (Formerly Lewa Organics) was born out of her pursuit for Healthy Skin.

Our products are a range of corrective and sustainable formulated skincare, dedicated to visibly improving and restoring your Skins Health and Natural Radiance.

We are committed to delivering result driven Skincare for diverse skin tones using Safe and Effective ingredients with no short- or long-term side effects. Restoring your SKINS HEALTH and RADIANCE is our first concern.

We believe strongly that a Healthy Skin is a reflection of overall Wellness and are strong advocates of the importance of being mindful of what goes into your body, how you care for it and encourage you to make general lifestyle changes that help you feel better about yourself.

ARALUXE GROUP comprises of a modern-day Wellness Spa devoted to your Well-Being, Skincare Retail Company, Hair and Beauty Studio.

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